Instashop is a grocery franchise that has been losing sales each year. Through some preliminary research, they’ve determined that this decline is likely due to the increase in online grocery ordering and delivery products.

the challenge

Design an online shopping website/app to improve upon the traditional grocery shopping experience.

my role

UX Researcher, Lead UX/UI Designer

tools used

Sketch, Illustrator, 

Business-Customer Goals-01.png


In-person research revealed that grocery shoppers are motivated by two main factors:

  1. Convenience
  2. Cost

The "Busy Professional" persona was created to illustrate what a regular Instashop user's goals, frustrations, and motivations might be:



When interviewing grocery shoppers, users were primarily concerned with convenience. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to make sure that Instashop was convenient for users. Being an app, Instashop is inherently convenient, as it is accessible from anywhere and at any time. However, the features that makes Instashop especially convenient are the following:

  • Past Purchases - On the Home Page of Instashop, there is a section at the very top that displays a user's past purchases. As the user builds up a purchase history, this section automatically displays the most purchased items first, and least purchased items last. This gives shoppers a quick way to access items that they regularly purchase. 
Artboard 3 Copy.png

  • Cart Quick View - By clicking on the cart in the upper right corner of the screen (web), users can view and edit their cart without ever having to leave the page. From a mobile device, clicking on the cart slides out a preview of the shopping cart without having to leave the previous screen.


Cost was also identified as an important factor for grocery shoppers. Instashop has the following features to address this specific need:

  • Sale Items - This section was created to appeal to users who like to bargain shop. 
  • Shop Similar Products - When a shopper views a specific item, there is a section that displays similar products, in the event that a user wants to shop for like-kind products at better prices.

    After testing the prototype, I made the following recommendations to improve the user experience:

  • Add a confirmation prompt after users have added an item to their cart
  • Update “Add to Favorites” and “Add to Cart” icons to be white over dark background
  • Make “Browse by Categories” section on Home page more prominent and easily accessible
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